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Metal Roof (MF) Restoration System 

This approach will prolong the life of the roof for many years by stopping leaks, preventing rust, and providing an attractive, durable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient finish coat. Each seam and fastener is manually sealed during the repair procedure. Then a reflective finish coat is applied to the entire roof, providing a seamless and waterproof membrane. 

A1 Commercial Roofing

Fabric-Reinforced Roof System 

With a seamless acrylic coating that has a touchable, flexible fabric integrated in it, this solution delivers waterproofing. This combination creates a tough, yet light membrane that resists tearing and splitting, which are the main sources of leaks. This roofing solution also significantly extends the life of your roof, enhances the building's energy efficiency, and reinforces it. 

EPDM & Modified Bitumen
Recoating System

A thorough waterproofing system that greatly increases a building's energy efficiency. Each problem location is systematically addressed, fixed, and resealed throughout the restoration process. A reflective finish coat is next applied to the entire roof, sealing it and cooling the roofing surface to reduce the impacts of thermal shock and UV damage.

A1 Commercial Roofing
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Spray Polyurethane Foam
(SPF) System 

This is an ideal way to offer quality insulation to roofing and interior wall applications for top-down weather protection.  An SPF application effectively controls air infiltrations, adds building strength and reduces heating costs. 

Single-Ply Membrane System

Premium thermoplastic membranes are used in the design of this product system. During installation, membrane rolls are arranged on top of one another and joined by welding to create a shield that is incredibly strong, waterproof, and energy-efficient and will provide unsurpassed protection for many years to come. 

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